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London Gin

47% ABV   70cl

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The London No1 Blue Gin gets its turquoise blue hue due to the use of the gardenia.  The gin is produced in small batch “Pot Still” distillation of Norfolk and Suffolk grains and includes 12 carefully selected botanicals.

Juniper Berries, Bergamot, Cinnamon, Coriander, Angelica Root, Iris Root, Almonds, Savoy, Cassia, Liquorice all contribute to the unique flavour. While Orange Peel and Lemon Peel add a touch of citrus.

Quadruple-distilled gin made by Charles Maxwell in London.

Distilled in small batches in the heart of London, this gin’s unique flavour is the result of the quality of the raw ingredients used, as well as its distillation in Pot Stills (traditionally the only stills used for distillation in small quantities).

London No1 Blue Gin Awards;

2014, International Wine & Spirit Competition, awarded Silver in Gin Contemporary Styles.
International Spirits Challenge 2014 awarded Bronze in Distilled Super Premium Gin.
2013, International Spirits Challenge 2013 awarded Silver in Super Premium Gin.
International Wine & Spirit Competition 2013 awarded Silver in Gin Contemporary Styles.




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