Mackmyra Skordetid Swedish Whisky


Swedish Single Malt Whisky

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46.1% ABV   70cl

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Mackmyra Skordetid Swedish Whisky

This latest Limited Edition seasonal release, Skördetid, is an elegant whisky with a six months finish in Masi Costasera Amarone casks. Resulting in a whisky with sweet, vinous notes of grapes, raisins and a herbal spiciness. Skördetid, which is Swedish for “harvest time”, is the result of close collaboration between Mackmyra and the Italian wine producer Masi.

Skördetid is an elegant Swedish single malt whisky partially matured in Italian Amarone casks, Masi Costasera Amarone, but which has kept the original character of Mackmyra’s whisky casks. Initially matured in the Bodås mine in Sweden in Mackmyra casks. Followed by a high proportion of the whisky spending the last six months in the Masi 600 litres oak barrels.

The aroma is spicy, fruity and herbal with warm vinous grape notes and a slightly mineral tone. On the palette, the flavours are fruity and spicy with raisins and dried pears, as well as ginger and vanilla. The mouthfeel is creamy and medium bodied. The long finish is fruity and spicy with notes of oak and warm raisins.

Mackmyra Skordetid Swedish Whisky Tasting Notes :-

Nose   : Spicy, fruity and herbal with warm vinous notes of grapes and a hint of minerals. Round oaknotes of vanilla and aromas of anise, ginger raisins, pear fudge and vanilla.

Palate : Fruity and spicy with dried fruits, pear and raisin, ginger and vanilla. The texture is creamy and medium thick. The aftertaste is fruity, spicy and oaky with warm notes of raisin.

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