Nikka All Malt, Japanese Malt Whisky 40%


Japanese Malt Whisky

40% ABV   70cl

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Nikka  All Malt Japanese Whisky.

40% abv, 70cl Bottle.

This version is the result of a vatting of Yoichi and Miyagikyo single malts with a whisky made with 100% malted barley, and distilled in coffey stills.

Nikka  All Malt Japanese Whisky Tasting Notes;

Color : Old gold with golden highlights.

Nose : Lively and mineral. Animal (leather and smoked meat) and lightly smoky (tobacco and ashy). Develops along a theme of fresh grass and ripe fruit (apple).
Palate : Rich and delicious. After a burst of rich, liqueur-like softness which is at odds with the liveliness of the nose, ripe fruit (sultanas) notes develop alongside an increasing oiliness (sunflower oil).
Finish: Soft and licquoricey, with distinct notes of precious wood and spices (clove). Concentrated.

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