Port Charlotte PC6 Cuairt-Beatha 61.6% Alc.Vol.

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Islay Single Malt Whisky

Cask Strength Limited Edition

61.6% ABV   70cl

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Port Charlotte PC6 Cuairt-Beatha  Single Malt Whisky.

61.6% Alc.Vol.

Port Charlotte PC6 Cuairt-Beatha  Heavily peated and unmistakably Islay.

This full strength bottling of 18,000 bottles is the second distillery bottling release of this progresive Single Malt.

Port Charlotte PC6 Cuairt-Beatha

Single Malt Whisky Tasting notes:

Colour; Sorrel chestnut/polished hazel.

Body; The ultimate Islay six-pack. It’s a war of the elements: Gaelic skills, Atlantic tempests.

Ancient oak, smouldering peat all detonate from the glass in a thunderstorm of the Hebridean spirit unrestrained by age.

Nose; Opens beautifully,balanced on malt, peat and young spirit. The youth and strength of the spirit infusing the aromas of the green apple, mild mint, clove, bayleaf and forest greenwood.

Given a dash of water and time little notes of Meadowsweet, Iris and Honeysuckle put their head above the parapet but don’t linger too long as the next wave of Bracken and smoke with a slipstream of vanilla is about to overload the olfactory senses.

The Madeira cask influence lies deep in the glass and brings the rich notes of syrupy dates and raisins which hold up well to the onslaught.

Palate; Absolute Rock ‘n’ Roll Islay. The heat of 61.6% plus 40ppm peat – and it’s still only six years old – together develop into a unique palate experience. If you love peated malt this kid has the ‘WOW’ factor.

It’s got an effervescece of spindrift and smoke, sweet citrus – the texture of the spirit is awesome due to trickle distillation. It’s the integration of all the characters of the Island – particularly the guys who made it – that gives the spirit a 100% Islay DNA.

This is a spirit that challenges, it exhilarates and it delivers – BIG TIME !

Port Charlotte PC6 Cuairt-Beatha is a heavily peated Malt Whisky. If your preference is for Smokey Phenolic whisky see what other drams we have. Or Visit our whisky by taste section for other styles.

More information about the Bruichladdich Whisky Distillery Click Here

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