Porters Gin


Scottish Gin

Porters Aberdeen

41.5% ABV   70cl

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Porters Gin.

Scottish Gin from Aberdeen.

Unbound by conventional methods. Porter’s create their gin using a combination of both modern and traditional techniques, involving both hot and cold distillation.


The extraction of light flavours from delicate botanicals, which would normally damaged by heat is due to the use of cold distillation in Porter’s gin.

Once they have macerated the unique ingredients. To bring out their essential oils, they are then distilled with 100% British grain wheat spirit.

The botanicals used to create the gin are: Juniper, angelica, almond, coriander, liquorice, lemon, orange, buddha’s hand, pink peppercorn, orris root, cassia bark and cinnamon.

Porter’s Gin is a fusion of old traditions with a new approach.

The resulting gin while having a bold juniper body also has a unique citrus profile.

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