Red Door Gin with Winter Botanicals


Handcrafted Highland Gin

Small Batch Release

From Benromach Distillery

45% ABV   70cl

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Product Description

Red Door Gin with Winter Botanicals

A seasonal variation on Red Door Highland Gin, Red Door Gin with Winter Botanicals, combines the warmth of allspice, aromatic sea buckthorn, the zesty citrus of blood orange, fruity sultanas and fresh, lemony hop blossom, winter is wrapped up with a silky-smooth finish.

Red Door Gin is named after the Benromach distillery’s distinctive red doors. Handcrafted in “Peggy” their copper still, this small-batch London Dry Gin has a heart of finest Juniper. While infused with locally-influenced botanicals that reveal the distinctive citrus notes of bitter orange, aromatic sea buckthorn, pearls of heather and rowanberries.

The addition of Winter Botanicals


Aromatic and spicy, combining warm overtones of nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and black pepper, allspice captures the flavours of winter.


Crisp, zesty, with a tart-sweetness, blood orange delivers distinctive top notes of raspberry for a more complex citrus-forward palate.


With their rich, seasonal fruitiness, the dried-fruit flavour of sultanas gives a rounded taste reminiscent of warm winter puddings.


Delivering a delicate lemony freshness, hop blossom’s brings a subtle, grassy top note.

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