Spirit of Dublin Irish Poitin


Teeling Distillery Irish Poitin

52.5% ABV   50cl

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Spirit of Dublin Irish Poitin

Consisting of non-aged, new make Irish spirit made from malted barley distilled in copper pot stills and from maize distilled in column stills.  Bottled at 52.5% this bottling gives you a unique chance to taste what real Poitin has to offer.

Spirit of Dublin Irish Poitin Tasting Notes;

Nose: Aromas of floss, malted barley, half-baked bread and raisined fruits.

Taste: Smooth sweet and fruity flavours of malt, raisin fruits, barley sugars and sugared almonds.

Finish: Warm and soothing on the finish.

Teeling Poitin Awards.

Irish Whiskey Awards, Best in Class; 2013, 2014, & 2015.

Irish Poitín, Potcheen or Poteen.

Is a long standing historical traditional Irish distilled spirit (60%-90% ABV)

Similar with other clear spirits such as gins, moonshine and vodkas. Distilled in a small pot still, the term is from the Irish word pota, meaning “pot”. With ingredients from malted barley, grain, potatoes, sugar beat or whey. (a by product from cheese production).

Irish Poitin along with other “private distillations” became outlawed in 1661. This succeeded in driving production underground. Remote rural areas, away from the interference of the law where selected.

Very often set up on land boundaries so the issue of ownership could be in dispute.

Prior to distillation the first step was a “wash” consisting for example: A 100 gallons of fresh water containing six stone (84 lb) of potatoes, six stone of sugar and some yeast and allowed to ferment.

The still heated and attended to for several days to allow the spirit runs to go through.

The fire to heat the wash was provided by locally available turf. Smoke, a give-away for the local constabulary, so broken, windy weather chosen to disperse the smoke. In later years, the heat was provided by bottled gas with little discernible smoke reducing discovery by police while distilling.

The quality of Poitín was highly variable, depending on the skill of the distiller and the quality of his equipment. As with whisky distillation it is the middle cut that is free from the critical poisons that are carried in the for-shots and fients and the crudeness of production that allowed these poisons to give Poitin its dangerous reputation.

Modern Poitin.

Production for export has been allowed since 1989.

On 7 March 1997, the Irish Revenue Commissioners withdrew their opposition to poitín being sold under license in the Republic of Ireland.

Irish Poitín accorded (GI) Geographical Indicative Status by the EU in 2008, .

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