Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery Projects 005



Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery

Maturing Malt Single STR Cask

Limited Edition of only 544 bottles

46% ABV   50cl

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Product Description

Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery Projects 005 Maturing Malt

This Limited Edition Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery Projects 005 is from a Single STR Cask.

Cask 109  Limited Edition of only 544 (50cl) bottles

Filled : October 2016
Bottled : June 2019

Distillery Projects 005 all comes from STR cask number 109, filled in October 2016 and bottled in June 2019, and is 100% pot distilled spirit. It’s a wine barrique with a 220L capacity (which is relatively small, meaning that they only got 544 x 50cl bottles from this cask) and it’s a ‘first fill’ cask, which means that the spirit is the first to fill it since the wine left. They only filled a small number of these STR casks in 2016, so this is a really unique chance to try it.

The cask held Rioja wine for five years. Once the wine was disgorged, the cask was reconditioned by some of the best coopers in Jerez, by shaving, toasting and re-charring (STR) which meant that it has retained much of the fruit-driven flavours from the wine but has also allowed sweetness and spice from the oak to keep shining through. This has led to a cask that delivers a really beautiful and balanced maturation, giving lots of flavour but not overwhelming the character of the spirit. The use of this kind of cask was pioneered by the late Dr. Jim Swan, Spirit of Yorkshires consultant and mentor, giving it an extra poignancy.

Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery Projects Range

Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery Projects range is all about exploring what this Yorkshire spirit can be. Pre-whisky, focusing this on the ‘maturing malt’. The first four releases (DPs 001-004) formed a mini-series. These looked at the different cask types, distillation techniques, and how the two spirit styles (pot/column) marry together.

While the next two releases are a little bit different and really very special. They’re still ‘maturing malts’ but this time they’re single cask bottlings: one from an STR cask, and one from a Fino cask.

Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery Projects 005 Tasting Notes :-

Soft, floral and sweet with notes of honey, orange chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla buttercream, raspberry sherbet and biscuit.

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