Springbank 175th Anniversary Malt Whisky


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Springbank 175th Anniversary Malt Whisky 12 year old

An obsolete bottle of 12 year old Springbank Single Malt Whisky distilled in 1991 and bottled to celebrate Springbank Distilleries 175th Anniversary in 2003

12 year old  46% 70cl

A Limited Edition of 12000 bottles.

Founded in 1828 on the site of Archibald Mitchell’s illicit still. Springbank Distillery is the oldest independent family owned distillery in Scotland.

It was Archibald’s two sons, John and William who took out a licence and started distilling legally as J & W Mitchell.

However, John and William were farmers as well as distillers, and differences about the running of the farm eventually led them to go their separate ways.

John and his son Alexander formed a partnership and the name changed to J & A Mitchell & Co. Ltd. The same company name used today.

The Springbank Distillery is now in the hands of his great great grand son, Hedley G. Wright.

To Celebrate this achievement the distillery released the Springbank 175th Anniversary Malt Whisky.

More information about the Springbank Whisky Distillery Click Here.

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