Stags Breath, 19.8%.Scotch Whisky Liqueur

Stags Breath, 19.8%.Scotch Whisky Liqueur


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Stags Breath Scotch Whisky Liqueur is a Fine whisky and fermented comb honey liqueur.

It is the lightness of summer sun and the depths of the limpid northern lochs. Sip and savour. It is the essence of Scotland. (Bottle tasting note.)

Stag’s Breath Liqueur is lower in alcoholic strength and drier on the palate than its traditional counterparts.


Its distinctive ‘musty’ nose and overtaste of waxy honeycomb are features of the fermented honey which is its principal ingredient.

Carefully blended on a base of heartwarming Speyside whiskies, Stag’s Breath is truly a unique taste experience.

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