Togouchi Kiwami Japanese Blended Whisky


Chugoku Jozo Distillery Japan

40% ABV   70cl

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Togouchi Kiwami Japanese Blended Whisky.

Togouchi whiskey Tasting Notes;

Colour; bright gold.
Nose;  a youthful fragrance, citrus with sweet honey nut cornflakes, faint Peat smoke.
Taste: light mild taste. Sweet scent feel from the grains and honey, more mellow.
Finish: faint Peat smoke arrives in the aftertaste.
The Chugoku Jozo distillery was founded in 1918, producing Sake, Shochu and hin Mirin.
In 1990 they started to mature whisky in their warehouses. The company does not produce its own malt and grain whisky.

However chooses to use its master blenders to produce a whisky suitable for the Japanese palate.

The whisky is matured in the Togouchi tunnel with an all year round temperature of 15 degrees.
Also stored at the Hatsukaichi headquarters at a little more elevated temperatures.

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