Touch Pause Enjoy New Zealand Whisky



1987 Vintage 26 years old

Cask Strength

New Zealand Single Malt Whisky

54.5% ABV    70cl

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Touch Pause Enjoy New Zealand Whisky


This discontinued 1987 Vintage 26 year old New Zealand Whisky is from the closed Willowbank Distillery.

Distilled in the year that the all Blacks won the first Rugby World Cup.

Touch Pause Enjoy New Zealand Whisky

Willowbank Distillery History

This distillery was established in 1974 when the Baker family opened the Willowbank Distillery in Dunedin. Producing such popular whiskies as Wilsons and 45 South.

Climate, Geography, Geology very similar to Scotland also a lot of Scots emigrated there.

An ideal place for making whisky it is a shame they demolished the Willowbank distillery due to a down turn in the world economy.

The distillery was latterly owned by Seagram (1980s). Who produced the New Zealand single malt that was originally sold under the “Lammerlaw” brand.

Lammerlaw was discontinued when Seagram sold the stocks and the Willowbank Distillery in 1997 to Australian brewer Fosters, only for Fosters to mothball operations and send the stills to Fiji for making rum.

The distillery has over the years several names Dunedin Lammerlaw, or Willowbank distillery.  Closed in 1997, the distilling equipment has since been dismantled.

The New Zealand Single Malt Whisky Company in 2010 secured the remaining single malt stocks, 80,000 litres in 443 barrels from what had previously been stored in an old airplane hangar. The whisky now resides in a bonds store in Oamaru.

The Milford Brand was created to showcase this fine, limited edition, single malt.

Milford Single Malt is similar in style to the Lowland malts of Scotland, lighter in body and aroma than the malts of the highlands – elegant with a delicate nose, soft citrus in flavour and a very smooth finish.


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