Vit Hund Swedish New Make Spirit


Swedish New Make Spirit

Mackmyra Distillery

46.1% ABV   50cl

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Product Description

Vit Hund Swedish New Make Spirit

Vit Hund (White dog in Swedish) is the raw, unmatured beginning of what will become Mackmyra Whisky after cask maturation. It is manufactured with the same craftsmanship, carefully distilled from Mackmyra’s unsmoked malted barley.

Experience the grain character of the malt and the fruitiness of the distillate. It is also a beverage suitable for many different occasions, as a digestive after dinner or as a schnapps with your entrée. It is also exciting to use in cocktails and drinks.

Why Vit Hund? The American Bourbon pioneers called their distillate White Dog before they put it in barrels – that’s Vit Hund in Swedish.

Vit Hund Swedish New Make Spirit Tasting Notes :-

Nose   : Pure and slightly oily with a young fruity, spicy grainnote. Plums, green apples and black currant, and a lot of spicy aromas of cereals and malt, toasted bread, vanilla and coconut.

Palate : Fruity, spicy, slightly oily and soft with notes of malt, anise, mint and plum. The aftertaste is spicy, fruity and lightly salt.

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