Whisky Tasting and Nosing Glass


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Product Description

Glencairn crystal Whisky Tasting and Nosing Glass with the Paul John Indian Single Malt Whisky logo.

A specifically whisky tasting and nosing glass designed by a gentleman named Raymond Davidson and developed  by Glen cairn crystal. The glass design came about with input from master distillers from five of the largest whisky companies.

The Glen cairn crystal studio has supplied the whisky industry with quality premier glassware for over three decades.

Nosing and Tasting Guide.

We have written a guide on how to nose and taste whisky.

This is just a pointer on what whisky drinking is about. How to savoir the various nasal and palate sensations a decent single malt whisky can bring.

To help you with this we have designed a “Whisky Nosing & Tasting Memo Sheet” which you can download for free, to make your notes on.

It’s been designed to accompany this guide to whisky nosing and tasting  and should help you to record all the fabulous sensations you’re about to discover.

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