Yamazaki 18 year old Japanese Whisky



Japanese Single Malt Whisky 

Aged 18 years

43% ABV   70cl

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Yamazaki 18 year old Japanese Whisky

This multi-award winning Yamazaki 18 year old Japanese Single Malt Whisky is about 80% matured in sherry butts with the remainder in American oak and the very rare Mizunara oak. A glorious rich and fruity whisky with subtle smoky notes.

The malt whisky produced at this Yamazaki Distillery, with a tradition dating back to 1923, has slept through a long cycle of Japan’s colourful seasons, the brighness of Spring, the luxuriant green of Summer, the vermilion foliage of Autumn and the white blanket of Winter.

The vale of Yamazaki at Tennozan Mountain on the outskirts of Kyoto was the birthplace of Japanese whisky.

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