Yoichi 12 year old Japanese Whisky



Japanese Single Malt Whisky

Yoichi Distillery

Aged 12 years

45% ABV   70cl

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Product Description

Yoichi 12 year old Japanese Whisky

Old presentation of this discontinued Yoichi 12 year old Japanese Whisky.

In 2015 Nikka withdrew the entire Yoichi range (10, 12, 15 and 20 year olds) and added a new No Age Statement expression.

Yoichi Japanese Whisky Tasting Style :-

The Yoichi Distillery produces a rich, peaty and masculine malt whisky. The whisky gets its distinct aroma and body from direct heating distillation. The pot stills heat is fueled from finely powdered natural coal.

Yoichi Distillery History  

Masataka Takesuru founded the distillery in 1934. This Is  the furthest North of the Japanese distilleries located on the island of Hokkaido and is to be found in a mountainous region.

This is on almost the same latitude as Vladivostok . With mountains on three sides and the Sea of Japan on the forth. Takesuru selected the site for its comparable geography to Scotland and the local area could supply peat. 

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